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104 monuments found.

Image of Rockaway Veterans Memorial

Rockaway Veterans Memorial

Standing figure (over life-size) on pedestal with six plaques

Image of S. Rankin Drew Marker

S. Rankin Drew Marker
Central Park

Tablet on base

Image of Samuel V. Crews

Samuel V. Crews
Marcy Playground

Flagstaff base

Image of Saratoga Park Memorial

Saratoga Park Memorial

Standing figure with shield on integral plinth before stele; two tablets,

Image of Sergeant Joyce Kilmer

Sergeant Joyce Kilmer
Central Park

Plaque on plinth

Image of Seventh Draft Board

Seventh Draft Board
Bronx River Parkway

Octagon obelisk, incised letters

Image of Sixty First District Memorial

Sixty First District Memorial
Greenwood Playground

Figure (life size) in archiform high relief recessed in stele, decorated with applied wreaths on right and left sides (two in all), on base on plinth on terrace with three steps at front and bench at either end

Image of Stuyvesant Post War Memorial

Stuyvesant Post War Memorial

Hexagonal stele with cap; three convex sides separated by three shorter straight sides decorated with swords in bas-relief

Image of Sunset Park Memorial

Sunset Park Memorial

Inscribed granite marker

Image of The Hiker

The Hiker
Tompkinsville Park
Staten Island

Standing figure (life size), on pedestal with four plaques

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