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104 monuments found.

Image of Clason Point World War I Memorial

Clason Point World War I Memorial
Woodrow Wilson Triangle

Bas-relief plaque with female figure (life size) surrounded by quotations; plaque is surmounted by an eagle with spread wings, on stele

Image of Clinton War Memorial (Doughboy)

Clinton War Memorial (Doughboy)
De Witt Clinton Park

Standing figure (over life size) with integral plinth, on pedestal

Image of College Point War Memorial

College Point War Memorial
Mall Eighteen

Stele with plaque

Image of Corporal George J. Wellbrock Memorial

Corporal George J. Wellbrock Memorial
Wellbrock Triangle

Obelisk with plaque and nameplates

Image of Corporal Robert Gray Tree Marker

Corporal Robert Gray Tree Marker
Forest Park

Tree marker

Image of Cpl. Louis Zimmerman

Cpl. Louis Zimmerman
Zimmerman Playground

Plaque recessed into wall

Image of Cpl. William Leonard Square

Cpl. William Leonard Square
Leonard Square

Plaque on standard ocatagon flagstaff

Image of Dawn of Glory

Dawn of Glory
Highland Park

Standing male figure (heroic scale) with integral plinth on pedestal raised on three steps, tablet

Image of Dover Patrol

Dover Patrol
John Paul Jones Park


Image of Dreyfus Plaque

Dreyfus Plaque
Hero Park
Staten Island

Plaque mounted on south side of Sugar Loaf Rock

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