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Image of Glendale War Memorial

Glendale War Memorial
Glendale Veterans Triangle

Plaque with bas-relief of female figure holding a torch aloft in her right hand over a list of twenty-one names, on a stele

Image of Greenpoint World War II Memorial

Greenpoint World War II Memorial
Macri Triangle

Stele with tablet

Image of Haym Salomon Memorial

Haym Salomon Memorial

Stele on base

Image of Henry Hudson Entrance

Henry Hudson Entrance
Flushing Meadows Corona Park

2 columns

Image of Hillcrest Veterans Square

Hillcrest Veterans Square

Stele with tablet, applied letters

Image of John Cashmore Marker

John Cashmore Marker
Columbus Park

Ornamented stele with affixed ornaments on base

Image of Joseph A. Guider Memorial

Joseph A. Guider Memorial
Dr. Ronald McNair Park

Urn on pedestal

Image of Knights of Pythias Memorial

Knights of Pythias Memorial
Central Park


Image of Lafayette Memorial

Lafayette Memorial
Prospect Park

Bas-relief on stele; terrace

Image of Lawrence Entrance

Lawrence Entrance
Flushing Meadows Corona Park

2 upright triangular stele; one has incised painted inscription

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*Please note, a given artwork can appear in any number of categories. Category assignment and definition is a work in progress and not a definitive classification. If you do not see a particular piece of work listed within a category, please search by title or park.

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