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Image of Samuel J. Tilden

Samuel J. Tilden

Statue on pedestal

Image of Samuel Sullivan Cox

Samuel Sullivan Cox

Standing figure (over life-size) with integral plinth, on pedestal with two plaques, on base

Image of Saratoga Park Memorial

Saratoga Park Memorial

Standing figure with shield on integral plinth before stele; two tablets,

Image of Seal of the State of New York (aka Excelsior)

Seal of the State of New York (aka Excelsior)
Central Park

Eagle atop shield on integral plinth between two female figures, each on integral plinth

Image of Seat

Owen F. Dolen Park

Armchair mounted with open dictionary underneath, on engraved boulder

Image of Senator Robert F. Wagner Memorial

Senator Robert F. Wagner Memorial
Wagner Playground

Portrait bust on pedestal

Image of Seventh Regiment Memorial

Seventh Regiment Memorial
Central Park

Statue on pedestal, 4 bronze roundels

Image of Simon Bolivar Monument

Simon Bolivar Monument
Central Park

Equestrian statue (heroic scale) on pedestal with four coats of arms

Image of Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott
Central Park

Portrait statue on pedestal

Image of Skagerrak

Bellevue South Park

Three solid rectangular forms, joined at different angles in a line, and balanced on three points

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