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125 monuments found.

Image of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
Columbus Park

Standing figure on base, on plinth

Image of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
D'Auria-Murphy Triangle

Bust on plinth on pedestal supported by two-part base

Image of Columbus Monument

Columbus Monument

Standing figue (colossal scale) on rostral column on pedestal, base, and plinth; pedestal figure of a winged youth examining a globe; two bas-reliefs on base

Image of Confucius

Kimlau Square

Standing figure (heroic scale) with integral plinth on pedestal; terrace surrounded by sixteen bollards connected by swag chains

Image of Conrad Poppenhusen

Conrad Poppenhusen
Poppenhusen Park

Bust on pedestal on stepped base

Image of Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster
Central Park

Standing figure with intergral plinth, on pedestal

Image of Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri
Dante Park

Standing figure (over life-size) on pedestal

Image of Dr. Alexander J.C. Skene

Dr. Alexander J.C. Skene
Grand Army Plaza

Bust with integral standard on pedestal backed by a stele

Image of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Monument

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Monument

. Bronze figure (heroic size) of Dr. Sun Yat-sen; proper left hand holding a hat. Granite pedestal, with inscription at middle of east and west side.

Image of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe
Poe Park

Portrait bust, pedestal

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