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Image of Debs Myers

Debs Myers
City Hall Park

Dogwood tree and plaque on plinth

Image of Declaration of Independence Plaque

Declaration of Independence Plaque
City Hall Park

Plaque on plinth

Image of Delacorte Clock

Delacorte Clock
Central Park

Three-tiered mechanical clock; bottom level has six animal figures marching around clock tower in igrillwork frame; clock faces above the animals; clock tower topped by two monkeys and bell; clock is on top of arched gateway; two plaques

Image of Denis P. Gorman

Denis P. Gorman
Gorman Playground

Plaque on field house wall

Image of Discus Thrower

Discus Thrower
Randall's Island Park

Standing figure (heroic scale) with integral plinth, on pedestal, front decorated with applied wreath and urn, plaque at rear

Image of Dongan Oak Marker

Dongan Oak Marker
Prospect Park

Eagle on integral plinth on stele on base, two plaques (one mounted on stele, one in ground before stele)

Image of Doris C. Freedman Plaza Plaque

Doris C. Freedman Plaza Plaque
Central Park


Image of Dreyfus Plaque

Dreyfus Plaque
Hero Park
Staten Island

Plaque mounted on south side of Sugar Loaf Rock

Image of Duane Park Plaques

Duane Park Plaques

Two plaques

Image of Duke Ellington Memorial

Duke Ellington Memorial

Standing figure (heroic scale) before a grand piano on a circular platform supported by three groups of three caryatids on three triform columns, integral plinth, two plaques on pedestal

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