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Image of Major Clarence T. Barrett Memorial

Major Clarence T. Barrett Memorial
Barrett Triangle
Staten Island

Standing figure with shield and spear (heroic scale) on integral plinth on broad, bilevel pedestal with bas-relief of two martial scenes separated by classical mask on lower level; large oval basin in front, and small drinking fountain in rear

Image of Matthew J. Buono

Matthew J. Buono
Alice Austen Park
Staten Island

Fountain and seven section wall with 5 sections inscribed

Image of Neptune Fountain

Neptune Fountain
Snug Harbor Cultural Center
Staten Island

Male figure (heroic scale) atop basin; original zinc figure is Visitor's Center

Image of New York City AIDs Memorial

New York City AIDs Memorial

Abstract canopy with engraved paving and fountain

Image of Pulitzer Fountain

Pulitzer Fountain
Grand Army Plaza

Fountain with sculptures: five basins in a stepped pattern support at their highest point a sixth, shell-form basin holding a standing female figure (over life-size); two rams-head horns of plenty flank the third basin

Image of Revson Fountain

Revson Fountain
Lincoln Center Plaza

Ornamental fountain

Image of Riverside Fountain

Riverside Fountain


Image of Robert Ray Hamilton Fountain

Robert Ray Hamilton Fountain
Riverside Park

Fountain, topped with eagle

Image of Rockefeller Fountain

Rockefeller Fountain
Bronx Park

Three-tiered, octagonal fountain with extensive sculptural program of sea creatures, etc.

Image of Slocum Disaster Memorial

Slocum Disaster Memorial
Tompkins Square Park

Stele with curved top; on front a bas relief over a shell basin with lion-head spouting fountain

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