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Image of Dancing Goat

Dancing Goat
Central Park

Goat standing on hind legs on integral plinth on pedestal in center of fountain basin

Image of Dragon Fountain

Dragon Fountain
Prospect Park


Image of East 23rd Street Bath House Fountain

East 23rd Street Bath House Fountain
Asser Levy Playground

Display fountain, lion head fill spout

Image of Firemen's Memorial

Firemen's Memorial
Riverside Park

Monumental sarcophagus-like structure with a bas-relief, groups of figures (over life size) at either end, on terrace with fountain, and balustrades approached by a flight of steps

Image of Fountain of Life

Fountain of Life
Bronx Park

Group (life size) of three figures, two of which are riding horse-like sea creatures and one that rides a porpoise, on a pedestal

Image of Fountain of the Dolphins

Fountain of the Dolphins

Staten Island
Fountain consisting of six dolphin figures (life size) fastened to footings by posts and wave-shaped rails containing illuminable fiber-optic cables, water jets

Image of Heinrich Heine Fountain

Heinrich Heine Fountain
Joyce Kilmer Park

Seated figure (over life-size) on pedestal with bas-reliefs; three lounging figures below, in a large basin; tablet nearby

Image of Honey Bear

Honey Bear
Central Park

Fountain figure on ornamented integral plinth

Image of Hooper Fountain

Hooper Fountain

Ornamental horse fountain with lantern, plaque

Image of Isidor and Ida Straus

Isidor and Ida Straus
Straus Park

Exedra and fountain pool with figure

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