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Image of Pleasant Plains Memorial

Pleasant Plains Memorial

Staten Island
Female figure atop ball on integral plinth fronted by eagle rampant and backed by wreathed helmet, pedestal, base, four plaques

Image of Prospect Park War Memorial

Prospect Park War Memorial
Prospect Park

Group of two figures on pedestal before a high, arced wall; two benches; altar; six large plaques; one small plaque; paving

Image of Pulitzer Fountain

Pulitzer Fountain
Grand Army Plaza

Fountain with sculptures: five basins in a stepped pattern support at their highest point a sixth, shell-form basin holding a standing female figure (over life-size); two rams-head horns of plenty flank the third basin

Image of Quadriga: the Triumphal Progress of Columbia

Quadriga: the Triumphal Progress of Columbia
Grand Army Plaza

Quadriga and three female figures (heroic scale)

Image of Ralph Ellison Memorial

Ralph Ellison Memorial
Riverside Park

Sculpture; rectangular bronze structure with cut-out male figure; four engraved stone markers

Image of Reverend Benjamin J. Lowry

Reverend Benjamin J. Lowry
Lowry Triangle

Bust on pedestal

Image of Richard Morris Hunt Memorial

Richard Morris Hunt Memorial
Central Park

Bust (over life-size) on stele in an arc-shaped space formed by an exedra whose back supports columns and a cornice; at each end of the exedra is a standing female figure; mosaic floor; approached by two steps

Image of Richard Tucker

Richard Tucker
Richard Tucker Park

Bust (over life-size) on pedestal

Image of Richmond Hill War Memorial

Richmond Hill War Memorial
Forest Park

Standing figure (over life-size) contemplates a grave marked by a cross, on integral plinth, on pedestal with plaque

Image of Robert Burns

Robert Burns
Central Park

Seated figure (over life-size) with scroll and plough at feet, on pedestal

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