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Image of Lafayette Memorial

Lafayette Memorial
Prospect Park

Bas-relief on stele; terrace

Image of Large Coqui

Large Coqui
ABC Playground

Figural sculpture of a mother and baby coqui frog

Image of Liberty Avenue War Memorial

Liberty Avenue War Memorial
Public Place

Shaft, plaque, and eagle

Image of Life Saver

Life Saver
Crotona Park

Bas-relief roundel

Image of Lioness and Cubs

Lioness and Cubs
Prospect Park

Group on integral plinth on pedestal

Image of Lions

Central Park

Bas-relief in three continuous sections

Image of Louisa


Sculpture of horse made out of a continuous piece of steel, on flat metal base

Image of Macaque and Orang-outang

Macaque and Orang-outang
Central Park

bas-relief in two continuous sections

Image of Marabou

Central Park

Bas-relief in two continuous sections

Image of Marine Amphitheater Groups

Marine Amphitheater Groups
Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Three panels; two with figures of music and dance, third is of the 'Aquacade'

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