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33 monuments found.

Image of Peace Clock

Peace Clock
Trygve Lie Plaza

Abstract kinetic sculpture in the form of a clock whose arms form the peace sign twice a day (at 4pm and 4am).

Image of Peace Form One

Peace Form One
Ralph Bunche Park

Tall obelisk with variegated surface on a pentagonal base; plaque

Image of Puerto Rican Sun

Puerto Rican Sun
Fox Playground

Assemblage of upright plates

Image of Skagerrak

Bellevue South Park

Three solid rectangular forms, joined at different angles in a line, and balanced on three points

Image of The New York Times Capsule

The New York Times Capsule
Theodore Roosevelt Park

Time capsule, containing more than 100 objects and artifacts and resting on a monolith; plaque set in a paving block

Image of Tomorrow's Wind

Tomorrow's Wind
Thomas Jefferson Park

Plate segments sandwiched together and filled with grid

Image of Tree of Hope III

Tree of Hope III
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Malls

Polychrome sculpture

Image of Triumph of the Human Spirit

Triumph of the Human Spirit
Thomas Paine Park

Fountain: circular basin supports a colossal composition consisting of a horizontal member lying across the basin with one end resting against a boulder; the horizontal form supports a tall, vertical form resembling an inverted dagger; plaque

Image of Voice 1

Voice 1
West Harlem Piers

Sculpture representing casting loop on fishing poles, stands fully upright

Image of Voice 2

Voice 2
West Harlem Piers

Sculpture representing casting loop on fishing poles, tilted slightly to the ground

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