Permanent Art and Monuments

Prospect Park Grand Army Plaza

The monuments and permanent art collection in New York City's parks constitutes the greatest outdoor public art museum in the United States. A veritable “who's who” of American art, it includes the work of nineteenth-century masters such as Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Daniel Chester French, and John Quincy Adams Ward, as well as contemporary subjects and conceptions by the likes of Louise Nevelson, George Segal, Alice Aycock, Robert Graham, and Allison Saar. More than 800 monuments, about 250 which are sculptures (including 125 statues honoring historical figures), grace our most prominent civic spaces as well as the many localities which constitute the greater metropolis. Ranging in size from commemorative tablets to triumphal arches, they honor people and events that helped shape our city, nation, and the international community. It is this cultural and aesthetic legacy that we wish to preserve.

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