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The Arsenal Gallery Presents the 38th Annual Wreath Interpretations Exhibition 

Welcome the holiday season with our annual exhibition of imaginative and unusual wreaths! 

In our 38th annual Wreath Interpretations exhibition, artists, designers, and creative individuals reimagine the traditional holiday motif with unexpected materials like paintbrushes, newspapers, aluminum cans, coconut husks and shells, work gloves, earrings, grains and spices, and matchbooks. Some wreaths address timely topics like COVID-19, working remotely, and creative reuse and recycling, while others serve as a lighthearted inspiration and symbols of hope.

This fun exhibition is normally on display each year at the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park. While the gallery is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we've shared this year's exhibition as an online slideshow featuring a display of each wreath alongside the artist's written interpretation of their work.

Leenda Bonilla

Revolutionary Beautiful Gangsta

25 x 25 inches
Wire, tulle, fabric, action model figure, wood, latex, synthetic flowers

RBG Dissents. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will forever be an icon for the modernisms of law. Throughout her life she advocated for the values and interpretations of the constitution that should reflect an equitable, diverse, "True America." She will be missed and NEVER forgotten. Her impact on American law is monumental.

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At the center of this wreath made of black tulle and decorated with white flowers and a judge’s gavel is an action model figure of Ruth Bader Ginsberg
A tapestry of green, orange, red, brown, and white plastic bags woven together into a square and adorned at each corner by brown leaves with a pine cone placed in the middle
Sets of photos and carved faces are placed around a gray wreath made from rope, seed pods, and leaves
Green strapping tape form the base of the wreath decorated with yellow twist ties that form a floral pattern and green nails added to the crown of the wreath
Flowers made from blue surgical masks are arranged on leaves formed from aluminum foil to form a wreath set in a blue glow
screenshot of a video of an artist whistling and humming holiday carols while placing photos on a wreath followed by a sped up video of the artist designing the wreath with holiday decor before setting it all on fire. As the wreath burns to ashes to reveal a cross, the artist states the number of acres of trees damaged by fires across the world. Young leaves are then placed at the ashes as the artist whistles a holiday carol
A mask decorated with painted images of pink and yellow heritage rambler roses is placed at the mouth of the wreath and just below the eyes of the wreath which is made of painted pink and yellow heritage rambler roses
Tiny yellow golf pencils, each marked with the name Hob Nob Hill, are arranged in alternate positions to form a circular wreath
White strings and silver screws form a side-profile portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsberg against a black background
A black and white drawing of milkweed seeds among the rose bushes that form a circular form
Colorful jewelry in various shapes and sizes, beads, and the Star of David are arranged to form a wreath which hangs from a big gold ribbon
Packets of salt, spices, cereals, beans, and grains are arranged in a circle
Paint brushes in various sizes, shapes, and colors are painted at the handle then arranged in a circle at the tips to form circles of colors with the innermost color being orange, yellow, green then blue
A blue Buddha is placed at the center of a drawing and surrounded by cutout paintings of leaves
Peacock feathers, beads, playing cards, and light bulbs painted gold are arranged to form a wreath
Kiln fused glass in blue and red colors are overlaid on a circular LED flat panel light fixture
Giant acrylic diamonds are wrapped in the wires of safety pins and placed on a steel base form a wreath
A single donut shaped cereal hangs from a black string
Red and silver diet coke cans are stripped and arranged with bayberry branches to form a wreath
Disposable blue and white face masks are stripped and arranged to form a blue and white wreath with white bows
Blue and green beer cans are stripped and arrange into a wreath that looks like one big flower
A tree branch cut into circles is arranged to form the base of the wreath which is decorated with brown yew branches, pine cones, and green iris stalks
Tiny teddy bears in dresses of various colors and little pink teacups and a teapot are arranged around a wheel of colorful foods, including donuts, pizza, fries, burgers, biscuit and cupcakes
Squares designed with black leaves to the middle and greens leaves at the edges are arranged to form a circular-like wreath
The words virtual, conference calls, and stewardship are arranged among leaves and twigs in their fall foliage to form a wreath
A splash of green, blue, white, yellow, lavender colors is captured in a circular form
Brown cotton gloves are arranged to form a wreath
Matchbooks are arranged to form five circles within each other to form a wreath
Vintage holiday ornaments including balls and toy trucks are arranged among twigs, leaves, and plants to form a wreath
Ripped pieces of newspaper are arranged to form a wreath with the colorful print used to form a bow
Pieces of gray paper form a spiral that winds into a trail of orange dots
Rhinestones and splashes of color in green, blue, and white are painted on an oval board
A metal sculpture of four people, sitting in chairs that form a circle, holding hands but one chair at the top is empty
Leaves in various colors including brown, orange, green, blue, pink, and yellow are arranged to form a wreath with the word Parks placed between the leaves
Rust colored coconut husks are wrapped in a string of ornamental leaves and red floral arrangements decorated by lamps with red and yellow floral designs
Glass in blue, white, silver, green, and tan colors are arranged to form a wreath
A heart shaped wreath made from red tinsel, red and black roses, pearls, and tiny hearts that hang from the bottom features a hand wearing a lace glove protruding from the center of the heart with a knife covered in blood

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