2007 Wreath Interpretations

Image of Jonathan Kuhn, Lee Kuhn, Michele Herman, Roeblings, Roebling Memorial Wreath, papier-m?ch?, wire, wood spool

Image of Ann Schaumberger, Kitchen Wreath, wood, mixed media

Image of Paul Maringelli, Blues Christmas, plastic, wood, cloth

Image of George Kroenert, Twisted Pairs, 66 punchboxes, twisted pair copper wire, plywood base

Image of Helen Ho & Karen Overton, Parkulation, recycled bike parts, mulch, screen, gourd, moss, compost cookies

Image of Deborah Zingale, Rock, Paper, Scissors, rock, paper, scissors, chicken wire

Image of Patricia Clark, E-Z Light Wreath, silicone baking pans, foamcore, LED lights, wire, screws

Image of Trand Bui, Untitled, rubber stair tread and paint samples on wood

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