22nd Annual Wreath Interpretations Exhibition

The Arsenal Gallery, December 14 - 30, 2004

Photo of "Layered Circle of Peace and Madness" by Ellen Alt Photo of "Skyline Wreath" by Steven Bornholtz
Layered Circle of Peace and Madness
Ellen Alt
Mixed Media on Steel
Skyline Wreath
Steven Bornholtz
Acrylic paint, Christmas lights, metal wire, metal tube
Photo of "Queens Recreation's Afterschool Program" wreath by Janna, Crystal, Christine, Natalia, & Andrea Kominski
Photo of "Wreath Where Glass is the Star" by Beryl Brenner
Queens Recreation's Afterschool Program
Janna, Crystal, Christine, Natalia & Andrea Kominski, Queens Recreation Borough Afterschool Coordinator Bowne Park - Queens Recreation
Cardboard and mixed media
Wreath Where Glass is the Star
Beryl Brenner
Fused glass, gold paint, wood branches, rubber
Photo of "Royal Rug Wreath" by George P. Choma
Photo of "Untitled" wreath by Patricia Clark
Royal Rug Wreath
George P. Choma
Rugs, fabric, velvet, ribbons, ornaments
Patricia Clark
Fluorescent tube, plexiglass, galvanized steel
Photo of "3-D Wreath" by Oliver Corwin
Photo of "The Sampler My Mother Taught Me" by Monika E. de Vries Gohlke
3-D Wreath
Oliver Corwin
Colored pencil on board and acetate with 3-D glasses
The Sampler My Mother Taught Me
Monika E. de Vries Gohlke
Needlepoint on fabric
Photo of "Untitled" by Carmen Delgato and UCP/NYC Manhattan Day Hab consumers
Photo of "The Sausage Makers by Barbara Edwards, Jonathan Ells, Marivel Gonzalez and Sean Williams
Carmen Delgato and UCP/NYC Manhattan Day Hab consumers
(Torrey, Carlos, Luis)

Plastic bags, ribbon, garland
The Sausage Makers
Barbara Edwards, Jonathan Ells, Marivel Gonzalez & Sean Williams
Mixed media
Photo of "Circle of Life" wreath by Natalie Giugni
Photo of "Red Tape, Blue Tape, Urban Landscape" by Cora Jane Glasser
Circle of Life
Natalie Giugni
Plaster, resin, aluminum leaf, wire
Red Tape, Blue Tape,
Urban Landscape

Cora Jane Glasser
Wax, construction materials, photo on wood panel
Photo of "Plum Blossom Wreath" by Norma Greenwood
Photo of "Paper Wreath" by Katy Guimond
Plum Blossom Wreath
Norma Greenwood
Styrofoam, board, acrylic, synthetic canvas
Paper Wreath
Katy Guimond
Paper, wire, cloth, polyester fiber
Photo of "Lizzy Raccoon's Winter Wreath" by Judith Hoffman Corwin
Photo of "Coiled into Light" by George Kroenert
Lizzy Raccoon's Winter Wreath
Judith Hoffman Corwin
Fabric, wool, natural seeds, pinecone, silk flowers, baubles
Coiled into Light
George Kroenert
Circleline fluorescent, tube, color snapties, copper wire
Photo of "One Nation, Indivisible?" by Jonathan Kuhn
Photo of "Rail Wreath" by John J. Mattera and John S. Mattera
One Nation, Indivisible?
Jonathan Kuhn
Papier maché, paint, buttons, neckties
Rail Wreath
John J. Mattera and John S. Mattera
Plywood and HO scale model trains
Photo of "Origami Series #6, 'Peace' Bonsai" by Sony Onishi
Photo of "Untitled" by Alice Bryan, Nancy Rodriquez, and UCP/NYC Day Treatment Class 2 (Jerry, Anthony, Lourdes)
Origami Series #6, "Peace" Bonsai
Sony Onishi
Plant, pot, paper, wire
Alice Bryan and Nancy Rodriquez and UCP/NYC Day Treatment Class 2 (Jerry, Anthony, Lourdes)
Plaid cloth
Photo of "Wheel Deal" by Barb Slitkin
Photo of "8 Squared Circles" by Linda Stein
Wheel Deal
Barb Slitkin
Silk-wrapped hubcap set into a wreath with beads, flowers, toys, charms, and paper
8 Squared Circles
Linda Stein
Wood, metal, stone
Photo of "Parade of Bugs" by Barbara Wallace and Raymond Bally III
Linda Stillman
Paper on wire ring
Parade of Bugs
Barbara Wallace and Raymond Bally III
Paper, acrylic paint
Photo of "Untitled" by Dana Wilner
Photo of "All I Want This Year/Seven Rooms of Blooms" by Audrey Zeidman
Dana Wilner
Watercolor on paper
All I Want This Year/
Seven Rooms of Blooms

Audrey Zeidman
Laser copy, fabric, board, pearls
Stella Maris
Deborah Zingale
Plastic, natural marine materials, acrylic paint

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