Accessible Beaches

Sign on beach next to beach mat reads Beach Access Path

Sign on beach next to beach mat reads Beach Access Surface

Man in wheelchair on beach mat next to sign reading Beach Access Path

Getting access to our beaches is a concern for many people with disabilities. Addressing this problem is a top priority. Our beaches have beach mats and beach wheelchairs at selected locations.

Beach wheelchairs use three oversized wheels to roll over the sand, have a comfortable seating position which adjusts for height, and are easy to push or be pushed in.  They have a push handle design in the back and a front pull handle, making it easier to move from the boardwalk to the sand. Beach wheelchairs need to be pushed, and are not self-moving.

Brighton Beach

Beach mat: Brighton 2nd Street, Brighton 6th Street
Beach wheelchair: Coney Island Avenue and the boardwalk (adjacent to comfort station)

Brighton Beach details

Cedar Grove Beach 

Beach mat: Off of Cedar Grove Avenue, Staten Island

Cedar Grove Beach details

Coney Island

Beach mat: West 33 Street, Stillwell Avenue, West 5th Street
Beach wheelchairs: West 22nd Street and the Boardwalk (Adjacent to the comfort station).

Manhattan Beach

Beach mat: East side near the picnic tables at Bay 1, Brooklyn.

Manhattan Beach details

Midland Beach

Beach mat: adjacent to Hunter Avenue & Father Capodanno Boulevard parking lot, Staten Island.

Midland Beach details

Orchard Beach

Beach mat: Between sections 7 and 8, Bronx 
Beach wheelchair: Section 10 (Adjacent to the Concession Stand/First Aid Station).

Orchard Beach details

Rockaway Beach

Beach mat: Beach 67th, Beach 86th, Beach 97th, Beach 106th, Beach 131st, and Beach 133rd Streets
Beach wheelchair: Beach 86 and Shorefront Parkway (Beach Operations Office)

Rockaway Beach details

Wolfe's Pond Park

Beach mat: on Hylan Boulevard and Cornelia Avenue, Staten Island.

Wolfe's Pond Park details

Parks encourages you to come out and try out the mats and mobi-chairs. Most of all, we want your feedback - contact us at

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