Parks Enforcement Patrol

The Parks Enforcement Patrol vows to Preserve and Protect our parks.

The Parks Enforcement Patrol, or PEP, is a team of dedicated officers who preserve and protect parks and public facilities. PEP officers enforce our rules & regulations, educate the public, respond to the concerns of park patrons, and ensure that our parks and public spaces are safe and welcoming to all visitors.

What We Do

The Parks Enforcement Patrol watches over parks and public spaces to make sure that our rules and regulations are followed. PEP officers educate the public on proper use of City parks and playgrounds, and watch over beaches and marinas, recreation centers, and other public spaces. PEP officers are available to provide first aid when needed, provide crowd control during special events such as parades and concerts, and to reach out to at-risk individuals in need of social services.

All PEP officers are New York State certified Peace Officers.

You can spot PEP officers by their distinct all-green uniforms and unique special patrolmen shields which allow them to issue summonses and make arrests when needed, as they patrol all five boroughs. PEP's mission is to preserve and protect NYC’s parks for all visitors to enjoy.

Contact PEP

To report an issue to the Parks Enforcement Patrol, please visit 311 Online or dial 311; outside of NYC, call (212) NEW–YORK. In case of emergency, please dial 911.

Within PEP, there are specialized units that enhance our overall mission to Preserve and Protect:

  • Parks Security Service: A security-trained unit within PEP that provides participants with experience needed for future employment in the private sector.
  • Mounted PEP: A specialized unit of PEP officers who are equestrians trained in equine care, stable management, and Parks‘ rules and regulations. Mounted officers patrol New York City parks on horseback and provide a visible presence to deter crime.
  • Mounted Auxiliary: A group of trained equestrians who volunteer their time to patrol city parks  on horseback to assist in preserving the natural environment and the safety of park visitors.
  • Honor Guard: A ceremonial detail of officers and sergeants for participating in special events, such as parades, mayoral events, inaugurations, and dignitary details, such as funerals.

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