Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create and sustain thriving parks and public spaces for New Yorkers.

Our mission is to plan resilient and sustainable parks, public spaces, and recreational amenities, build a park system for present and future generations, and care for parks and public spaces.

How We’re Accomplishing Our Mission

The priorities below will help us translate the vision and mission to areas of focus and action, making a better parks system for all New Yorkers.


All New Yorkers should have a fair share of their city's resources and a voice in how they're used. We're including local communities in the decisions that affect their neighborhoods, and spreading our programs and projects across the city.

Highlight: Community Parks Initiative

Read about how we’re investing in neighborhood parks in densely populated, fast-growing areas with renovations and fun free programming for all ages. Learn more.

Innovation & Technology

Using information gathered by our agency, we can identify problems facing NYC's public spaces and find creative, effective solutions to these issues. 

Highlight: Capital Tracker

We’ve made it easy to learn about the hundreds of projects taking place across the city. Visit our interactive map to learn what the status of each project is and learn more about our capital process. See the Capital Tracker.

Caring for Parks

We’re making sure that your parks and recreational spaces are cared for, not merely maintained. To ensure that this happens, we’re expanding our staff, standardizing our design work, and building transparency.

Highlight: Ops 21

This program increases the efficiency of the mobile work crews that clean parks every day. By establishing clear guidelines and optimizing their travel routes we saved 30 minutes per crew per day: the equivalent of adding 63 full-time maintenance staff members, giving you cleaner parks using resources that we already have.

Planning & Placemaking

Our parks are the settings for your experiences and memories. We want to plan your parks and recreational spaces with imagination and awareness of how they impact their broader neighborhoods.

Highlight: Parks Without Borders

Where do sidewalks end and parks begin? With our Parks Without Borders initiative, we’ll be redesigning the entrances of select parks to make them more inviting and to better integrate the sidewalk into the park space.

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