Community Parks Initiative Capital Projects

Through the Community Parks Initiative, NYC Parks has made an investment in under-resourced public parks across New York City. With input and guidance from community members, we will design and re-create these local parks to turn them into thriving neighborhood destinations.

Community Parks Initiative Sites

We began our initial round of capital investment and community partnership building in fall 2014. After a successful launch, funding for the program doubled. We have now invested in 67 parks across the five boroughs. Many of our newly renovated sites are have already re-opened.

2014-15 Capital Project Sites

2016 Capital Project Sites

2017 Capital Project Sites

2018 Capital Project Sites

CPI Zones

The Community Parks Initiative Process

The goals of the Community Parks Initiative are to create a park system that is fairer to the needs of all New Yorkers, and to engage members of the community with the development and care of their parks. We have established our capital projects program with these goals in mind.

How The Sites Were Chosen

To ensure that we were building a more equitable park system, the local parks that we chose all meet specific criteria. First, each of these sites are in  neighborhoods that are densely populated and growing and have higher-than-average concentrations of poverty. In addition, none of these parks hasreceived significant capital investment in decades, which suggests that they could benefit from increased focus.

Taking Public Input

At each of these sites, we asked community members to re-imagine the parks and playgrounds in their neighborhoods. Many brought their entire families to these public input meetings, which allowed multiple generations of park users to contribute. Their  feedback ranged from the desire to see more safety features to creating more green space, to ensuring accessibility for all park users of all abilities.

Watch this short video to see a public input meeting in action.

Next Steps

After we’ve collected feedback from the community, the site enters our multiple-step capital project process. This process includes design, procurement, and construction. You can visit our How We Build Parks page to learn more about this process. We anticipate that the first set of parks selected in fall 2014 will be completed by 2017. You can visit our Capital Project Tracker to find the status of a specific project.


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