Community Parks Initiative

The Community Parks Initiative is an investment in neighborhood parks with the greatest needs. Through this initiative, we are working with communities to create thriving public places.

Through the Community Parks Initiative, we are working directly with New Yorkers to transform our neighborhood parks. We are redesigning and reconstructing dozens of smaller, local parks through capital projects. In addition, we’re targeting other local parks for immediate physical improvement. We're supporting these improvements by enhancing public programming at sites across the city. Finally, we are building better partnerships with communities through outreach and engagement, and we are growing the capacity of local groups to care for and better use their parks.

Building Our Parks

We are committed to improving local parks in dense and growing neighborhoods that have not seen significant capital investment in a generation. Through a brand-new public input process, we are gathering ideas from the communities who use these parks and incorporating those ideas in our designs.

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Targeted Improvements

Communities can take pride in a park that is well-cared for. That’s why, in addition to the capital investment, we created a program that brings immediate physical improvements to dozens of local parks. Through this targeted improvement program, we are repainting and repairing play equipment; resurfacing ball courts and play areas; repairing benches, fences and other features; and making parks greener with more plantings, trees and restored lawns.

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Making Our Parks Thrive

Parks are at the center of active, healthy living. Through the Community Parks Initiative, we are enhancing sports, fitness, and arts programming in neighborhood parks for users of all ages.

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Shaping Our Parks

The city has also partnered with eight of the city's largest park conservancies to contribute funding, services, and programming resources to the initiative. Resources are also available through Partnerships for Parks—a joint program of the City Parks Foundation and NYC Parks, dedicated to supporting NYC’s growing network of leaders caring and advocating for neighborhood parks and green spaces.

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