Paerdegat Basin Park Hiking Trails

paerdegat basin hiking trails

Paerdegat Basin Park's upland coastal forest is a haven for wildlife and perfect for birding on the trail. Be sure to make your way to the scenic viewpoint on the blue trail for a beautiful view of the waterfront. 

Red Trail: At just under 0.3 miles, the Red Loop Trail is an easily accessible hike of mostly flat sandy terrain that is ideal for hiking along the wetland border passing black cherry trees. This area of the park is undergoing upland forest restoration, since 2016 by the Foresty, Horticulture & Natural Resources division at NYC Parks, including removing invasive species and culminating in the planting of native trees and shrubs in 2019.

Blue Trail: The 0.3-mile nature walk along the Blue Loop Trail offers users an opportunity to explore the upland coastal forest and includes a scenic view out to Paerdegat Basin. This trail is also part of the upland forest restoration project by NYC Parks.

Scenic Viewpoint: Paerdegat Basin Park comprises a 1.25-mile channel that empties into Jamaica Bay in nearby Bergen Beach. The viewpoint along the blue trail offers the only location to view the waters of the basin from the park’s trails.

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Blue Trail

Red Trail

Download the Paerdegat Basin Trail Guide.

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