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Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

Amsterdam Avenue

From Highbridge Park, the aqueduct route angles cross-town to Amsterdam Avenue. It can be followed for a short way from the southwest corner of the park. Look for older buildings with odd shapes — many of the corners of these apartments were built so that they appear cut off. This was done because a square corner would have cut into the aqueduct corridor. The intersection of St. Nicholas Avenue and 153rd Street has a number of these buildings.

From W. 150th Street all the way down to 106th Street the aqueduct follows Amsterdam Avenue. Below this point, the aqueduct has been almost entirely demolished and its outline disappears into the street grid. Only a few gatehouses remain. Originally, the route paralleled Columbus Avenue to about W. 87th Street, where it turned towards the Receiving Reservoir (now Central Park's Great Lawn).


  • Edgecombe Avenue at 158th Street to St. Nicholas Avenue
  • St. Nicholas Avenue to 153rd Street
  • 153rd Street to Amsterdam Avenue
  • Amsterdam Avenue to 106th Street
  • ALTERNATE ROUTE — Follow the more picturesque Convent Avenue from 152nd Street to 125th Street, then take 125th Street to Amsterdam Avenue and continue to 106th Street
  • 106th Street to Columbus Avenue
  • Columbus Avenue to 87th Street
  • 87th Streetto Central Park West

Nearest Train Stations:

The C train will let you off at 155th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. Multiple stops on the 1 train will let you off on Broadway, one block to the west of Amsterdam Avenue.

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