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Lower Manhattan Redevelopment

Imagination Playground at Burling Slip

John Street between South and Front Streets

Imagination Playground at Burling Slip will draw upon the historic legacy of this maritime district and provide a rich environment encouraging creative and imaginative play by children.

In place of traditional play equipment, Imagination Playground will feature zones where unstructured play can occur in a setting resembling an old sailing ship. At the center will be a multi-level sand pit with masts and pulleys. An accessible slide will be located on top of a horseshoe-shaped ramp, with platforms and climbing nets below. An interactive water play area will be set within an amphitheater.

Wood decking will surround the playground, with areas for sand and water play, hopscotch, listening to the sounds of the seaport in the Listening Forest, or whispering to each other in a forest of red steel pipes. A roof deck reminiscent of a crow’s nest on a ship will house loose play pieces, providing children with the raw materials for creativity and sensory exploration.

Project Status: Underway, scheduled to be completed in Summer 2010

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