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Day of Remembrance: April 6, 2002

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In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, New Yorkers and visitors sought ways to honor those lost while contributing to New York City's renewal. More than 10,000 people planted over 1.5 million daffodils across the city, which will bloom into fields of gold as a living tribute this spring and for springs to come.

Parks commemorated the Daffodil Project on April 6, 2002 with a day of remembrance. A moment of silence was held at noon on that day in parks and green spaces throughout the five boroughs.


Daffodils have been planted by community groups, police officers, scouts, block associations, religious institutions, school groups, firefighters, corporate groups, community gardeners, and many more.

Click here for a list of participating organizations.


Daffodils will bloom in more than 1000 parks and green spaces in New York City. Click below to find a place near you to enjoy the daffodils this spring.

Picture of daffodil in bloomTHANK YOU...
For the donation of the first half-million bulbs to the project:

Hans van Waardenburg
B&K Bulbs
PO Box 27
Sassenheim 2170 AA
The Netherlands

And also to:
The City of Rotterdam, Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States, Target Stores, Ames True Temper, Duane Reade, Rutan Polyethylene Supply and Bag, Tri-Flex Label Corporation, City of New York/Parks & Recreation, New Yorkers for Parks, Central Park Conservancy, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the hundreds of other organizations who made The Daffodil Project possible.

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Media Advisories:

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Photographer's Journal

October 20, 2001: Participants in Fall Clean Up Day Kick Off
October 20, 2001: Daffodil Bulbs and Planting Instruments
March 9, 2002: Daffodils in bloom