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Horticulture and Natural Restoration


Launched in 1996, Greenstreets is a citywide program to convert paved, vacant traffic islands and medians into green spaces filled with shade trees, flowering trees, shrubs, and groundcover.

Since 1996, we have planted over 2,000 Greenstreets sites throughout the five boroughs.

To become a steward for greenstreets, contact the Partnerships for Parks Outreach Coordinator in your area.

Visit the Greenstreets section of our website.


GreenThumb Urban Gardening Opportunities

Established in 1978, GreenThumb remains the nation's largest urban gardening program, assisting 700 neighborhood groups in the creation and maintenance of community gardens aimed at increasing civic participation and encouraging neighborhood revitalization. GreenThumb was initiated in response to the city's severe financial crisis during the 1970s, which resulted in a serious loss of population and housing in neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs. A tremendous amount of public and private land was left vacant, adding an unattractive and unsafe element to these devastated communities.

For volunteer information, please call (212) 788-8070.

Visit the GreenThumb section of our website.