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Staten Island Restoration Sites

Saw Mill Creek Salt Marsh Restoration

Phase 1 - Berm Removal & Planting(1988)

Photograph of a construction vehicle removing land in Saw Mill Creek Salt Marsh

Project Components

  • Removal of 750 ft earthen berm
  • Propagated & planted 12,000 spartina alterniflora seedlings.

Project Benefits

Photograph of Saw Mill Creek Marsh area
  • Restored habitat value for fish, invertebrate, and bird species.
  • Control of invasive plant species.
  • Improved pollutant filtration.
  • Improved flood retention.

Funded by Environmental Protection Fund,the City of New York and the New York State Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act.

Project budget= $740,000.

Oil Spill Damages in the Arthur Kill Watershed

Photo: Pralls Island Exxon Bayway Oil Spill

  • Exxon- Bayway oil spill, January 1990, 567,000 gallons. Damage award- $15 million
  • CIBRO "Savannah", March 1990, 120,000 gallons. Damage award- $2 million
  • Coastal Oil "BT Nautilus", June 1990, 267,000 gallons. Damage award- $3 million
  • Reinauer Transportation oil spill, May 1997, 35,000 gallons. Damage award- Pending

Damage awards help fund NRG's Salt Marsh Restoration Program.