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Protection Sites

Bronx Protection Sites

  1. Croton Filtration Plant
  2. Metro North Station Salt Marsh
  3. NYC DEP Water Quality Management Study
  4. NYS DOT Sheridan Parkway Construction
  5. Metro North Bridge at Woodhaven Blvd
  6. Iroquois Pipeline

Map of Bronx Protection Sites

Brooklyn Protection Sites

  1. Housing Hold - 7 Acres
  2. Belt Parkway Bridge reconstruction
  3. Gateway Estates

Map of Brooklyn protection sites

Manhattan Protection Sites

  1. TBTA Toll Plaza Expansion Litigation & On-going Efluent Drainage
  2. NYC DEP Water Quality Management Study

Map of Manhattan Protection sites

Queens Protection Sites

  1. Golf Course Wetland Evaluation
  2. HOV Law Suit Restoration Package
  3. Belt Parkway Bridge Reconstruction
  4. Idlewild Park- EDC Development
  5. Springfield/Brookville Ponds Flood Abatement (NYSDOT)
  6. Mosquito Abatement Consulting (NYCDOH)
  7. Proposed US Olympics Plan Mitigation

Map of Queens protection sites

Staten Island Protection Sites

  1. Goethals Bridge Expansion (NY/NJ PA)
  2. Arden Streams
  3. Reinauer Transportation Oil Spill Litigation
  4. NYCSCA PS6 Wetland Impact
  5. Arthur Kill / Kill Van Kull Deepening (USACE)
  6. Bluebelt (NYCDEP)
  7. Shooters Island Floatables Program (USACE)

Map of Staten Islland protection sites