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GreenApple Corps

Graphic of logo for GreenApple Corps

GreenApple Corps is a New York City Department of Parks & Recreation public service program, which immerses Corps members in a variety of work and learning experiences to provide them with technical skills, practical knowledge, and personal development opportunities.

GreenApple Corps members work actively in three areas: Environmental Education, Ecological Restoration, and Urban Forestry. The Ecological Restoration aspect of the program gives Corps members hands-on experience restoring New York City’s natural areas and identifying native and invasive plant species. In the Environmental Education aspect of the program, members take their knowledge into the classrooms of New York City, where they teach students the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainable living. For the Urban Forestry aspect of the program, Corps members tend to New York City’s street trees, which serve an important role in the local ecosystem and make the city’s neighborhoods more livable and beautiful.

By getting to experience all three of these programs, Corps members build an extremely diverse set of skills over the course of the program. The GreenApple Corps helps its members gain experience in several growing job sectors while giving them the opportunity to help create a better, greener New York City.