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Project of the Month September 2001

Millennium Skate Park Owl's Head Park

J. Grant Anderson Skate Park Design and Landscape Architecture

John Woodstock , Sub-Contractor/ Consultant

Niko Development Corp Contractor

Photo of a skater in the Millenium Skate Park

Millennium Skate Park, located in Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, at 68th Street and Colonial Road, will be the first of its kind in New York City. It is part of our effort to keep up with the increasingly changing recreational demands of modern New Yorkers.

Funded entirely by City Council Member Marty Golden and implemented by Parks' Capital Projects Division, Millennium Skate Park will provide approximately 14,000 square feet of concrete bowls, wooden ramps and metal rails for all skill levels of skaters, bladers & bicyclists. Our design project manger, J. Grant Anderson, RLA, received technical support from a variety of skate park designers, builders, municipalities, landscape architects and engineers. Most significantly, the skate park was designed with a large amount of input from local skaters from Brooklyn and Manhattan. The design was a truly collaborative effort.

The exterior of the Millennium Skate Park is gently sloped and landscaped. Looking from the outside, no one will be able to see any of the ramps directly. People walking or driving by the Millennium Skate Park will only see bikers, bladers and boarders jumping through the air. If someone wanted to see how the boarders, bladers & bikers actually used the Millennium Skate Park they would have to stand close to the fence.

All this equates to 14,000 sf of concrete pavement and several wood ramps for the skating, biking and blading enjoyment for the young adults, teenagers & pre-teens of New York City.