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July 2003 Capital Project of the Month

Hunt's Point Riverside Park

Designer: George Bloomer, Nancy Prince, Aleksandra Szefke

Specifications: Susan Ellis

Engineering: Reza Mashayekhi, Dewberry Engineers

Survey: Dominick Cusumano

Community Board # 2

Council District # 17

Site History/Context

Presently, the site is an unimproved NYCDOT Right-of-Way street end, to be remapped as parkland pending a ULURP application. The street end is accessible to the Hunts Point community, sloping down into an uneven mud, rubble, and debris strewn "beach" terminating at the Bronx River. Until recently the site functioned as an illegal dumping ground. Lately cleared of the illegal dumping, the site is now used as an ad-hoc gathering point for community events and river oriented activities including: canoeing, kayaking, the annual Bronx River Flotilla, and environmental education programs by local non-profit organizations.

Hunts Point Riverside Park plan, July 2003 Project of the Month

The site is situated at the northern end of the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center (HPFDC), within the Hunts Point Economic Development Zone designated by New York State. The site is bounded to the west by an active railroad track and Edgewater Road, the access routes for trucks and trains to the HPFDC. Further west is the densely populated Hunts Point Community. Adjacent to the north are industrial buildings and a metal salvage and recycling yard. The Bronx River forms the east perimeter of the site with the northern tip of Soundview Park on the opposite bank.


Detail of Hunts Point Riverside Park plan showing the beach theme play area

This Mayorally funded project will construct a new lush and green public park and open space with Bronx River access. The design includes the construction of many park elements including a cut stone and decorative pavement amphitheater, and a passive central lawn area with buffer plantings between the junk yard, market and park. New extensive plantings which vary from gardenesque to the naturalistic will provide year around interest as well as enhance the local habitat. These will all have irrigation.