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February 2002 Project of the Month



PETER WOLPENSINGER, PE: Structural Engineering

YELENA LYUBARSKAYA: Environmental Engineering

SUSAN ELLIS, RLA: Specifications & Estimating


Funding: This project is funded by the Mayor with a total budget of $1,887,000. This project is being completed as apart of the $10 million redevelopment of the Bronx River.

Location: The project is between Randall and Gildersleeve Avenues in Soundview Park in the Bronx. It is within Council District #18 and Community Board #9.

Construction Schedule: Construction is expected to start in early summer.


SOUNDVIEW PARK-February 2002 Project of the Month

The Parks Department is leading an effort by multiple city and state agencies to establish a greenway along the Bronx River. Parks is helping to coordinate more than 25 projects, totaling nearly $65 million, which will create a continuous bikeway, clean the river, and improve access to the water. Parks has more than $11 million in mayoral money and over $3 million in state and federal grant money for the Bronx River in its budget. Parks has begun design work on projects in Soundview Park, Starlight Park, Bronx Park, and is in the process of acquiring critical land along the river for the creation of new parks.

The Soundview Park phase of this Bronx River Improvement recently had its design complete. Soundview Park is a partially developed 156 acre park built on a landfill. The southern 1/3 of the park was once open water. The remaining 2/3 of the park was tidal marsh complete with three streams. In the 1920's the landfill operations started and continued well into the 1960's. By then the stone rip-rap we see today defined the edge of the shoreline up to 30 feet above the marsh elevation. This situation did not give the public much direct access to the water.

This project is intended to create a multi-use pedestrian path system which will connect the public with access points down to the water level along the Bronx River, provide overlook seating areas and greatly improve the public's ability to traverse the edge of the river. Currently much of the area is impassable due to weed growth, stone, debris and mounds of dredged material.