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Project of the Month August'01

South Midland Beach Pier

Reza Mashayeki / Peter Wolensinger: Project Managers / Structural Engineers

Alex Fakayode: Mechanical Engineering

Arjun Sheth: Electrical Engineering

John Demenagas: HVAC Design

Ricardo Hinkle: Landscape Design

Richard Robbins: Architecture

Illustration of South Midland Pier

Title: The construction of a Fishing Pier, Comfort Station and Pavilion located at Father Capodanno Boulevard, opposite Seaview Avenue, in South Beach, Borough of Staten Island, known as Contract Number R046-100M.

Funding: This project is funded in part by the Mayor, City Council Member James Oddo, and a State Clean Water / Clean Air Bond Act Grant. The total construction budget is $6,463,000.

Location: The pier is located near the terminus of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk in Midland Beach, opposite Seaview Avenue. Seaview Avenue Terminates at Father Capodanno Boulevard. The pier will be located approximately 150' north of Seaview Avenue and the DEP outfall. It is within Council District #50 and Community Board #2.

Site History: The Boardwalk was developed back in 1938 by the WPA and the Borough President. Site Amenities, that is, the parking areas, comfort station and drinking fountains were added in the 50's, 60's and 70's. The area upland of the boardwalk was developed as a baseball field in 1958 and this is now defunct.

Timeline: The project was awarded on 7/26/01 to Samson Construction Co. and it is awaiting registratoin. Construction is expected to begin this summer with the contract running 450 CCD.


It's time to start fishing in Staten Island! Construction is eminent on a deep water T shaped fishing pier in Midland Beach. This pier is modeled after the successful Riverside South Fishing Pier in Manhattan. Its design includes the graceful scalloped edging on one side of the pier and the stepped platforms. These features allow for a more varied shadow pattern on the seafloor bellow, which minimizes the impact on the fish estuary. It also includes a handy fish cleaning station, benches and drinking fountains. The pier is 835' long and on average 30' wide. It will be supported on steel pipe piles filled with a mixture of concrete and sand.

This project also includes the construction of shade structures on the pier and a comfort station as well as ramps on the boardwalk. There is an access road off Father Capodanno Boulevard and an asphalt parking lot for 100 cars and a ramp and steps up the boardwalk from the lot. The parking lot is lighted to increase usage periods and safety. Overall this project will greatly improve the availability of public fishing access to Staten Island residents.