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April 2004 - Capital Project of the Month


Project Manager: Emmanuel Thingue

Survey: Ramesh Singh

Engineering: Theo Kavvadias, Michael Enitan

image of the reconstruction plan for the 79th street playground in Shore Road Park

Location: The 79th Street Playground is located at Shore Road Park on 79th Street in Brooklyn. The park falls within Brooklyn Community Board 10 and Council District 43. Surrounded by residential houses and apartment buildings, the park is bordered by the Belt Parkway to the west and Shore Road to the east.

image of the 79th street playground before reconstruction The new playground design will define and accentuate the park boundaries with attractive fencing while improving circulation within the park. Access to the valves for the DEP tidal gates, which are under a portion of the playground, will still be accesible. The project will bring the park into compliance with current safety guidelines established by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Disability Act ( ADA ). In addition to the new playground, the project will also encompass the reconstruction of several basketball courts as well as a central seating area with a spray shower.The project will be respectful of all existing park trees and will incorporate a new green edge that will provide a gentle transition between the busy playground and the surrounding passive park.

image of the 79th street playground before reconstruction

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