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Flushing Meadows Corona Park Aquatic Center FAQ

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Where can I park? Is there handicap parking?

Handicap parking is directly across the street from the pool while all other parking is located adjacent to the aquatic center under the Van Wyck Expressway, Lots D, E, & F.

How deep is the pool and what are the dimensions?

The depth of the pool varies. A third of the pool has a moveable floor (from mere inches to 7 ft. 4 in.), allowing for different programming events as well as open pool family time. The rest of the pool is 7 ft. 4 in. and goes to the deepest of 12 ft. 4 in. in the diving area.

The FMCP Aquatics Center pool is an Olympic-sized 50-meter pool that can be divided with moveable bulkheads into 3 separate 25-meter swimming areas.

What is the water temperature?

The water temperature is approximately 80 degrees.

Is there a diving board?

There are three diving boards--two 1-meter diving boards and one 3-meter diving board.

What type of programming will be available or will there be programs for preschool, youth, adults, seniors, and families?

The FMCP Aquatics Center hosts a number of innovative free and fee-based programs for preschoolers, youth, adults, and seniors. The Aquatics Center also features a movable floor for increased accessibility. Please call the center for a complete and up-to-date program schedule.

At what age can a child be dropped off without a guardian?

Children will be required to pass a swim test, which will include swimming the width of the pool and treading water for 60 seconds. Any child unable to pass this test will be required to have an adult in the pool with him or her at all times.

Is it required to wear a swimming cap in the pool?

Yes, all swimmers must present a swimming cap in order to enter the pool. Although swimming caps were optional, though strongly recommended, upon the pool's opening, they became required on June 16, 2008, in order to maintain water quality in pool operation. 

Are locks required for entry into the pool?

Yes, all swimmers must present a lock in order to enter the pool. Locks may be operated by a key or combination lock; however, if the patron presents a substandard lock, at the discretion of the aquatic staff, they will not be allowed into the locker room area.

Some recommended locks:

Master Lock: 7-D, 1-D, 130 DKA, 140 DKA, 1500
Guard: 740, 750, 1” Brass, 2” Brass
American: 40VCC
True Value: 1” or  2”

What floatation devices and toys are allowed at the pool?

There are no floatation devices or toys allowed in the pool.

Are there lifeguards on duty at all times?

As a Department of Health certified facility, the FMCP Aquatic Center requires the appropriate number of lifeguards present during all hours of operation.

How do I get a job at the FMCP Aquatic Center? How do I become a lifeguard, instructor, etc.?

Visit the USA Pools website or call (877) 248-1872 x107 to inquire about job availability.

Do you need to have a membership to swim?

New York City Parks & Recreation members may take advantage of their memberships with lap swimming and daily programming at scheduled times. At other times, there will be a charge for entering the FMCP Aquatic Center.

How much do memberships cost?

Seniors (55 and up): $10.00
Adults (18 and up): $75.00
Youths (under 18): Free
Standard membership includes scheduled access to pool, gym, and other facilities for one year.

Is there an open swim? If so, when?

Open swim is scheduled for Parks & Recreation members, as well as members of the community. Please call the pool at (718) 271-7572 x302 for open swim scheduling, as it may change weekly.

Can I hold a function at the pool?

Yes, functions may be held at the pool. Please call the pool at (718) 271-7572 for scheduling and pricing.

Is the pool available to rent out for practices and meets? If so, when & how much?

Yes, the pool will rent part of the facility for practices and meets. Please call the pool at (718) 271-7572 to determine scheduling and pricing.

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