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Contribute to Parks

Trees at Flushing Meadow Corona Park in the Spring

The success of New York City’s parks depends on the assistance of the public. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers help the city’s parks and playgrounds flourish by contributing to a host of Parks–related organizations. We appreciate your support of the groups below and thank you for your generosity!

Featured Opportunity for Giving

Support Your Park
Make the changes you want to see within your park! Support Your Park is an innovative way to provide financial support for the refurbishment and maintenance of New York City´s greenspaces. You choose a park or facility to sponsor and, with the assistance of Parks administrators, specify how your funds should be used (e.g. additional park benches, basketball court improvements, playground renovations). Start your support today!

Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City
The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to aid City programs. Established in 1994 (formerly Public–Private Partnerships), the Mayor’s Fund serves as an important vehicle for foundations, corporations and individuals to contribute to public programs and enhance the City’s ability to serve its residents.

When mailing donations, please specify the Parks project you would like to support.

City Parks Foundation
City Parks Foundation is the only independent, nonprofit organization to offer programming in parks throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The Organization was founded in 1989 to support the vast majority of New York City parks without access to private resources. By creating arts, sports and educational programs in over 700 public parks, and by encouraging community development within public parks as a focal point, it helps to revitalize not only parks but also the neighborhoods that surround them.

Historic House Trust
Historic House Trust is a not–for–profit organization operating in tandem with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. Its mission is to provide essential support for houses of architectural and cultural significance, spanning 350 years of New York City life. These treasures reside within city parks and are open to the public.

Partnerships for Parks
Partnerships for Parks, a joint program of City Parks Foundation and the City of New York Department of Parks & Recreation, works to increase community support for and involvement in parks throughout New York City. Founded in 1995, Partnerships works to start, strengthen, and support neighborhood park groups; to link these groups together so that they can learn from each other and become stronger collectively; and to promote involvement in parks so people will join in efforts to restore and preserve them.

New York Restoration Project
New York Restoration Project (NYRP) carries out founder Bette Midler’s dream of a cleaner, more beautiful New York. NYRP restores, develops, and revitalizes underserved parks, community gardens, and open space in New York City. NYRP invests in the communities it serves by providing ongoing maintenance and programs because of the belief that every individual has the right to a beautiful neighborhood and the responsibility for contributing to its care.

New Yorkers for Parks
New Yorkers for Parks (NY4P) is the only independent watchdog for all the City’s parks, beaches and playgrounds. It is the City’s oldest and leading independent expert on park conditions, efficiency and funding. For 100 years, NY4P has worked to promote and protect the city’s 28,800 acres of parkland.

Trees New York
Trees New York’s mission is to plant, preserve, protect and care for New York’s trees through education and action. It is active in all five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding region.

Bronx River Alliance
The Bronx River Alliance serves as a coordinated voice for the river and works in harmonious partnership to protect, improve and restore the Bronx River corridor and greenway so that they can be healthy ecological, recreational, educational and economic resources for the communities through which the river flows.

Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy
In January of 2009, a group of devoted supporters incorporated the non–profit Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy. The Conservancy aims to assist the Parks Department's efforts in maintaining, preserving and programming Van Cortlandt Park through fundraising efforts as well as public outreach.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy
The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy has worked for twenty years to support the creation of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Conservancy’s mission is to ensure the creation, adequate funding, proper maintenance, public support, and citizen enjoyment of Brooklyn Bridge Park through partnership with government, development of programming, and active promotion of the needs of the park and its constituents.

Fort Greene Park Conservancy
The Fort Greene Park Conservancy is the primary advocate for the renewal of Fort Greene Park. The Conservancy works closely with the many diverse users of the park, such as young families with children, the dog owners’ group (PUPS), neighboring schools and visitors. It sponsors the very popular Halloween Festival in the Fall, a film series in the summer, "It’s My Park" clean–up days, concerts and other park events. Its primary goal is to make sure that park provides the most rewarding experience for the people who come to enjoy it.

Prospect Park Alliance
In partnership with the City of New York and the community, the Prospect Park Alliance restores, develops, and operates Prospect Park for the enjoyment of all by caring for the natural environment, preserving historic design, and serving the public through facilities and programs.

Alley Pond Environmental Center
Alley Pond Environmental Center is a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to establishing an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the environment and the responsibilities associated with preserving the environment.

Battery Conservancy
The Battery Conservancy was created in 1994 as a 501(c)(3) not-for–profit educational corporation to rebuild and revitalize the Battery and Castle Clinton National Monument, the park’s major landmark. The Conservancy spearheads the improvement efforts in partnership on City, State and Federal Levels, and with its private donors.

Broadway Mall Association
The Broadway Mall Association is a not–for–profit organization that plants flowers, trees, and shrubs, restores benches, and cleans and maintains the Broadway Mall.

Bryant Park Corporation/Business Improvement District
Bryant Park Corporation (BPC) is a not-for-profit, private management company and a cooperating business improvement district of neighboring property owners. It is the largest effort in the nation to apply private management backed by private funding to a public park, and it has been a success with public, press, and nearby institutions.

Central Park Conservancy
The Central Park Conservancy’s mission is to restore, manage, and preserve Central Park, in partnership with the public, for the enjoyment of present and future generations. The Conservancy is a private, not–for–profit organization founded in 1980 that manages Central Park under a contract with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

Fort Tryon Park Trust
The mission of the Fort Tryon Park Trust is to promote the restoration, preservation, and enhancement of this historic and scenic landmark for the benefit and use of the surrounding community and all New Yorkers. The Trust achieves this through advocacy and fundraising, working in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and other organizations.

Friends of Hudson River Park
Friends of Hudson River Park has been organized to support the completion and care of Hudson River Park: a world class park for everyone. Its goals are to provide private sector advocacy and financial support for a world–class park on the Hudson from 59th Street to Battery Park that will enrich the experiences of neighboring residents, serve as place of recreation and education for citizens from all parts of the City, and create a great urban waterfront from 59th Street south to the Battery.

Friends of Morningside Park
Friends of Morningside Park is a volunteer community-based coalition of residents and institutions dedicated to preserving and improving historic Morningside Park.

Hudson River Park Trust
Hudson River Park Trust is a partnership between New York State and City charged with the design, construction and operation of the five–mile Hudson River Park.

Madison Square Park Conservancy
The Madison Square Park Conservancy is a not–for–profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to keeping historic Madison Square Park a bright, beautiful and active public park. The Conservancy raises the funds that support lush and brilliant horticulture, park maintenance, park security and a variety of free cultural programs.

Randall’s Island Sports Foundation
Randall’s Island Sports Foundation was founded in 1992 as a public–private partnership to work on behalf of Randall’s Island Park. The Foundation, in conjunction with City leadership, works to realize the Island’s unique potential by developing sports and recreational facilities, restoring its vast natural environment, reclaiming and maintaining parkland, and sponsoring community–linked programs for the children of New York City.

Riverside Park Fund
Riverside Park Fund’s mission is to preserve and improve New York’s classic waterfront green space. Stretching over four miles along the Hudson River from 62nd to 158th Streets, the 330 acres of Riverside Park provide recreation and relaxation for a uniquely diverse population. From seasonal attendants to rehabilitated playing fields, from horticultural projects to creative playgrounds, Riverside Park is cleaner, greener, safer and better because of Riverside Park Fund’s supporters.

Washington Square Association
The Washington Square Association was the first neighborhood organization and the second civic organization after the Municipal Art Society, in New York City.

Unisphere, Inc.
Unisphere, Inc. is a private non-profit corporation that was formed in 2003 to help transform Flushing Meadows Corona Park into a model for urban parks nationwide. It was formed to help the park raise funds to bolster and expand the current programs that are offered there.

Alley Pond Environmental Center
Alley Pond Environmental Center is a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to establishing an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the environment and the responsibilities associated with preserving the environment.

Greenbelt Conservancy
The Greenbelt Conservancy is a not–for–profit organization founded in 1989 that works in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to oversee the operation, administration and public use of the parkland of the Greenbelt, the largest of New York City’s five flagship parks. The Conservancy is dedicated to promoting conservation of the Greenbelt, to increasing public awareness, support and enjoyment of the Greenbelt, and is responsible for the prudent management of its financial resources to benefit the Greenbelt.

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