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Custom Adventures: Programs for Summer Camps and Youth Groups

Connect inner-city youth to the natural world through outdoor adventure. Customized day or overnight programs promote environmental stewardship and foster trust, problem solving, and team building in a safe, secure environment. Paddle a canoe, hike through the woods or spend the night under the stars!


Custom Adventures are available in June, July, and August.

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Single Day Programs - $250

  • Day-long program
  • An aquatics director is not provided
  • Up to 30 campers



Participants meet the inhabitants of the water when they use waders and nets to collect creatures in the shallows.




Participants are taught safety procedures for fishing. Each is given a fishing pole and bait and is instructed on the basics of fishing.




The group is given instructions on how to operate the boat and safety procedures. Participants must be at least 8 years old and securely fit into a personal floatation device.




Participants get to spend time in the park bird watching, insect hunting and identifying trees. Hikes can be light, moderate or vigorous.




Participants will learn how to use a compass and read a map then are given a trail to navigate and must use their newly acquired skills.



Camping 101

Participants will pitch a tent, build a fire, become familiar with camping equipment and explore the surrounding parkland.




Participants will borrow a pair of binoculars and discover why a bird is a bird. Participants will look and listen for birds, as they discover the most common NYC birds.



Wilderness Survival

Participants will build a shelter, search for fresh water, and test their survival knowledge as they gain a basic understanding of how to survive in the wilderness.




Participants are taught how to use a bow and arrow including safety procedures, how to hold the bow, knock an arrow, aim, and shoot. Staten Island only.


For more information, or to schedule a Custom Adventure, please call (212) 360-2774 or call 311 and ask for the Urban Park Rangers.


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