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Research Permit Application

Please ensure you have read and understand all of the important details regarding the Parks’ Research Permit before proceeding.

Before attaching files and photos to your application, please optimize them to the smallest file size possible, preferably no larger than 1MB per file.

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Additional Field Personnel Information

Contact Information of Associated Institution/Organization

If Student Research

If this is student research, you must provide the contact information of the advisor overseeing your project.

Project Summary


If you are leaving research equipment of any type (e.g., insect traps, site markers) please describe and submit a photo of the equipment so that our field staff will recognize these items and their purpose. Note that any equipment or markings (including flagging or stakes) left in a park must be clearly marked with your research permit number, or it will be subject to removal. All equipment and markings must be removed upon completion of the study.


Detail any expected collections and permits/approvals required. Please describe these in detail. Include in your description: the number of samples required, the amount contained in each sample, and the disposition of organisms/samples (i.e., retention by investigator, placement in Herbarium (name), museum (name), University (name), etc.). You are responsible for documenting your acquisition of all necessary state and institutional permits. State permits are required for the collection of any state or federally listed plants on public land, as well as the handling and capture of wildlife.

Project Time Line

Site(s) of Proposed Research

Supporting Documents

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