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Prospect Park


Lioness and Cubs

This bronze sculpture depicting a mother lion nursing her cubs was created by French artist Victor Peter (1840–1918). The piece, located east of the sea lion pond… Read More

Ludwig Van Beethoven Statue

This bronze bust of the world renowned German composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) was created by the German-American sculptor Henry Baerer (1837–1908).… Read More

Marquis De Lafayette

This bronze sculpture depicts the Marquis de Lafayette (1757–1834), the French-born general who fought on behalf of American rebels during the American Revolution.… Read More

Maryland Monument

This Corinthian column topped by a marble orb commemorates the bravery of the Maryland 400, the company of Maryland soldiers who fought at Lookout Hill, in what would… Read More


When President Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919) left office in 1909, his cabinet presented him with Alexander Phimister Proctor’s sculpture Stalking Panther… Read More

Peter and Willie

This piece, featuring bronze figures of a boy reading a book with his dog on a contoured basalt boulder, sits in Prospect Park’s Imagination Playground near the… Read More

Prospect Park - the Wetlands of New York City

New York City once contained 224,000 acres of freshwater wetland. This valuable ecosystem can slow erosion, prevent flooding by retaining storm waters, filter and… Read More

Terrace Bridge

When Prospect Park designers Calvert Vaux (1824-1895) and Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) first planned the area surrounding Terrace Bridge, they imagined a restaurant… Read More

The Forests of New York City - Prospect Park

Brooklyn is the least-forested borough in New York City. The bulk of the existing forest, totaling about 100 acres, lies within Prospect Park. When Frederick Law Olmsted… Read More

Thomas Moore Statue

This bronze bust of the Irish poet Thomas Moore (1779–1852) was created by the American sculptor John G. Draddy (1833–1904). Draddy was born in Cincinnati,… Read More

Directions to Prospect Park

Know Before You Go

There are currently 3 service interruptions affecting access within this park.

ParkProspect Park

The Prospect Park Well House is under reconstruction in order to build a new composting latrine. The park remains open while the building gets reconstructed.
Anticipated Completion: Winter 2015

Baseball FieldsProspect Park

The Long Meadow Ballfields will be closed at Prospect Park for construction. The reconstruction of the Long Meadow Ballfields is a multi-phase project encompassing 34 acres of fields, paths and woodlands. The project incorporates contemporary storm water management techniques that support our goal of capturing and retaining storm water runoff. These improvements will also help to filter runoff before it enters our watercourse. Designed to revitalize the park’s sporting community, the first phase will restore Field One, pedestrian and bridle paths, drinking fountains, benches, and include new tree plantings.
Anticipated Completion: Summer 2015

ParkProspect Park

Starting July 6, 2015, Prospect Park's West Drive will be permanently car-free after 9 a.m. on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays. For more information, please visit

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