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Most businesses that operate or generate revenue on New York City parkland are considered concessions and must obtain a permit or license from the Revenue Division of Parks. Pursuant to the City's Concession Rules, these licenses and permits are generally awarded through a public solicitation process, such as a Request for Bids (RFB) or Request for Proposals (RFP).

Approximately 500 concessions currently operate in parks throughout the five boroughs, and they generally fall into two categories: food service and recreation. The food service concessions range from pushcarts selling hot dogs to restaurants such as Tavern on the Green and Terrace on the Park. Recreational concessions include facilities such as ice rinks, stables, marinas, and golf courses. In fiscal year 2009, the Revenue Division of the Parks Department helped collect over $110 million in revenue from various sources including concessions, lease agreements, like those for Citi Field and Yankee Stadia, special events, and dockage.

The Revenue Division's offices are located on the 4th floor of the Arsenal building in Central Park. The division is headed by Assistant Commissioner Elizabeth W. Smith, who also manages the Marketing and Special Events Division of Parks, and Charles Kloth, the Director of Concessions. As part of its purview, the Revenue Division is also responsible for permitting all revenue–generating activities at special events held on parkland.

If you would like to contact the Revenue Division, you may call (212) 360–1397

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Approximately 500 concessions currently operate in parks. The food service concessions range from pushcarts selling hot dogs and pretzels to restaurants. Recreational concessions include ice rinks, indoor tennis bubbles, stables, marinas, and much more.

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