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Bid Results

Contractors may use this webpage to locate preliminary construction bid results. For each construction project, the three lowest bids will be displayed. Results will be available by close of business on the day of bid opening.

The bid results posted on this website are preliminary and are not to be relied upon as the Agency has not reviewed the bids for accuracy and completeness.

Contract Number:Description:Engineer’s Estimate:Bid Date:
RG-414MReconstruction of two ball fields, in Dugan Park located at Mills Road and Tysens Lane and Schmul Park at Wild Avenue and Pearson Street in the Borough of Staten Island1421048.725/27/2015
  1. K & V Construction Inc.: 1458874.00
  2. William A. Gross Construction: 1568880.00
  3. RML Construction Inc.: 1707398.00
Contract Number:Description:Engineer’s Estimate:Bid Date:
Q410-114MThe Reconstruction of the Sitting Area in Reverend George Warren Hinton Park Bounded by 113th and 114th Streets and 37th Avenue, Borough of Queens, known as contract number Q410-114M1359286.005/22/2015
  1. Doyle-Baldante Inc.: 1208349.00
  2. Vernon Hills Construction Corp.: 1371735.00
  3. K & V Construction: 1398718.00
Contract Number:Description:Engineer’s Estimate:Bid Date:
CNYG-915MIn-Kind Reconst of Deterioriated Plbg Sys for various Parks & Rec Pool Facs, Citywide.1500000.005/22/2015
  1. JCC CONSTRUCTION CORP: 1912230.00
Contract Number:Description:Engineer’s Estimate:Bid Date:
RG-214MAThe Reconstruction of Play Equipment, Safety Surfacing, Pavements, Fences and General Site Work at Various Locations in the Borough of Staten Island1661945.385/19/2015
  1. Champion Electrical Mechanical Builder Corp.: 1634841.00
  2. CP Perma Paving Const. Inc: 1736644.00
  3. WWC Contracting: 2430242.00

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