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MillionTreesNYC Stewardship Corps LogoHelp water and care for the 110,000 new street trees that have been planted across New York City! Join the MillionTreesNYC to give trees a little "Tree LC" and stewardship, and help keep New York City GREEN by coming to a free MillionTreesNYC tree care workshop where you will learn:

  • What is MillionTreesNYC?
  • How to identify trees in New York City
  • Benefits trees bring to our city
  • Tree Care - Water! Weed! Mulch! Plant flowers!
Workshops are focused on active tree care, so come ready to get your hands dirty and care for street trees along the sidewalk. Please dress for light gardening work, wear close-toed shoes, and bring a refillable water bottle. Children are always welcome, and must be accompanied by an adult. All participants will care for trees using small gardening tools and watering buckets.  
All MillionTreesNYC events are rain or shine. Pledge to take care of a specific street tree on Adopt-A-Tree and get a FREE watering kit and volunteer card. Please be able to tell us where your tree is located.

TreeLC Workshop

NAVigator Workshop

DATE:     Wednesday, July 8,  2015

TIME:      12PM-2PM

LOCATION:     551 2nd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232


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  • (Create a team for friends, family, co-workers, associates, or any combination of the above to volunteer with you.)
  • Please estimate your team size as accurately as possible. On the next page you will have the opportunity to fill in names and emails of your team members.

  • I understand that signing this waiver is necessary for partial consideration for accepting me as a participant in the MillionTreesNYC event. If I bring with me to this event anyone under 18 years of age, I represent that that the younger person will abide by the terms of this waiver, and that each of us will accompany to and stay with the other at the event.

    I represent that I am physically fit and prepared for this event, and that I am prepared to use equipment, including shovels and wheelbarrows, when digging holes and planting trees. I acknowledge that there are inherent risks in using gardening equipment and planting trees, including the risks of serious bodily injury and death, and I hereby assume all dangers and risks associated therewith. In partial consideration of my acceptance as a participant in this event, I hereby waive all claims against the City of New York (“City”), and the City Department of Parks and Recreation (“Parks”) I have or may have against the City and Parks, or any of them, in relation to this event, and agree to release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City and Parks, along with their respective employees, agents, affiliates, and sponsors, from any and all claims for any and all expenses, personal injury, loss, or damages incurred or caused by me during or in connection with my participation in this event. I understand that, when I am participating in this event, I will be under the supervision and control of Parks, and agree to cooperate promptly and fully with all directions of the Parks personnel.

    In partial consideration of the permission given me by the City and Parks to participate in this event, I grant the City and Parks full, unrestricted permission for them and their organizers to use photographs, audio recordings, portraits, films, videos and all other likenesses of me and quotations made by me in legitimate accounts of this event.