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Signs of Spring in NYC Parks

Here's to warmer temperatures, later sunsets, blooming parks and more!

Our baseball and cricket fields are now open

Central Park baseball field

Let the games begin! Find out where you can access a baseball field or cricket field in our parks this season across NYC. 

Green shoots sprout on The High Line

Woodland crocus on the High Line

The woodland crocus is one of the first spring bulbs to pop up in some of our parks. The purple beauty sprouted at The High Line in early March. If you spot any, share using #crocuswatch2014. (Photo by the Friends of the High Line). 

The Alice Austen House reopens 

The Alice Austen House

Alice Austen (1866-1952) was the founding member of the Staten Island Garden Club. When in full bloom, the garden at the Alice Austen House features some of the same flowers Austen planted during her time. 

The Delacorte Clock chimes spring tunes

Delacorte Clock

Stop by the Delacorte Clock near the Central Park Zoo to hear our spring playlist, including songs like "Easter Parade" and "Younger than Springtime". 

NYBG opens the Orchid Show

New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show

The New York Botanical Garden ushers in the new season with its orchid show, inspired by Florida's Key West. The exhibition, which runs through April 21, features a fountain flowing into a pool with stepping stones, as well as palms and bromeliads. 

Our greenhouses gear up for flower plantings

NYC Parks Greenhouses

We're planting geraniums (left) and begonias (right) again at our gardens and parks around the city for the season. What are you planting for spring? Tell us at @NYCParks

Hawks show love in our parks

Red-tailed hawk in Union Square Park

During early spring, it is not uncommon to see aerial courtship displays by red-tailed hawks in our parks. Visit our Birding page to check out our birding events around the city.  

Spring blooms at the botanical gardens

Witch Hazel flower at Queens Botanical Garden

The witch hazel, here, was one of the first signs of spring to pop up around the city in February. Visit a botanical garden to see more beautiful flowers ushering in the spring season and to find out when your favorite flowers will bloom soon. (Photo courtesy of the Queens Botanical Garden) 

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