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In 2007, NYC Parks launched our ambitious MillionTreesNYC initiative—to plant and care for one million trees in New York City. In 2015, thanks to help from the New York Restoration Project, additional partners, our many volunteers, and nearly 50,000 New Yorkers who helped plant trees in our parks, on neighborhood streets, and in their own backyards, we planted our millionth tree. This landmark program became a renowned greening model for cities across the world. It has led to a host of valuable research regarding the urban forest and has transformed acres of parkland and streets into ecologically healthy forests that provide benefits to all New Yorkers.

Growing New York City’s Urban Forest

Tree care and stewardship are the next critical steps to ensuring the survival of our urban forest. Trees play a vital role in growing a stronger, greener, and more beautiful city scape. With your help, we can continue to grow and care for New York City’s forests and street trees through our volunteer tree stewardship initiatives.

Here’s how you can participate:

Become an NYC Parks Steward

Find out how you can help grow New York City’s urban forest by joining a local volunteer project or by organizing your own. You’ll help us plant and care for trees, fix nature trails, and remove invasive plants in our forests and natural areas. How to become an NYC Parks steward

Green Neighborhood Program

Help grow a greener future for all New Yorkers. Each year, through the Green Neighborhood Program we’ll focus our tree stewardship efforts in five neighborhoods in need of care. Volunteers will help care for street trees, park forests, and natural areas in underserved communities. More information about the Green Neighborhood Program

Caring for Street Trees and Greenstreets

Trees need water and a safe litter-free space to grow and flourish. Find out how you can help care for street trees on your block with these useful tips. Read our tips for caring for street trees and greenstreets

Request a free tree for your block

Find out how you can apply to have us plant a street tree in your neighborhood. More information about street tree planting requests

Get a free tree for your property

Visit the New York Restoration Project’s website to learn about free tree giveaways near you and helpful tips for planting and growing your new tree.

Tree Service Requests

If you see a tree in need of care, please let us know! You can report damaged, fallen, or dead trees, hanging or fallen branches or limbs, trees in need of pruning, and sidewalks damaged by street trees to our forestry division. Submit a tree service request

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