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Rockaway Parks Conceptual Plan

NYC Parks is soliciting community input to help develop a plan for the future of the Rockaway peninsula.

Members of the community are discussing recommendations and priorities in late 2013 with NYC Parks and design consultants in public meetings focused around three themes: recreation, natural resources and resiliency, and community connections. The Rockaway Parks Conceptual Plan that will be generated from these meetings will help guide future development along the peninsula. Please continue to visit this page as we work to develop the plan for its eventual release in spring 2014.


In the spring of 2013, we held two community visioning sessions for Rockaway residents, business owners and other stakeholders to have a preliminary discussion about the long-term restoration of Rockaway Beach. More than 100 people attended these meetings, and many more voted on ideas through our website. Read the Ideas and Neighborhood Priorities that were generated from this these listening sessions.

The two most common requests we heard from the spring visioning process were for a new boardwalk and enhanced coastal protection. We are moving forward with the design of both of these requests. Building on the initial visioning sessions, we are holding community design meetings to create a Rockaway Parks Conceptual Plan.

About the Plan

The Rockaway Parks Conceptual Plan is intended as a guide for future improvement of city parks on the Rockaway peninsula from the city limit to Beach 149th Streets, beach to bay. The plan will integrate input from community visioning and planning workshops to develop recommendations and priorities for the peninsula.

The goals for the Conceptual Plan are as follows:

  • Develop a plan for a comprehensive parks system in the Rockaways
  • Complement the Rockaway Boardwalk Plan
  • Establish investment goals for parks and open space
  • Integrate resiliency into Parks’ plans
  • Develop specific approaches to particular sites

Conceptual Plan Meetings

March 27, 2014 Broad Channel Conceptual Plan Public Meeting

This presentation was given to the Broad Channel Civic Association on March 27 as part of the conceptual planning process for the improvement of Broad Channel's Sunset Cove and American Park sites. The plan reflects earlier community feedback and existing ecological restoration plans led by Parks and others. The Broad Channel Parks Conceptual Plan is part of the larger Rockaway Parks Conceptual Plan, to be released in Spring 2014.

View a copy of the presentation.

March 24, 2014 Public Meeting Presentation

This Rockaway Parks Conceptual Plan presentation was shown at the CB14 Parks Committee meeting on Monday, March 24. The presentation reflects proposed concept designs, which have been developed in consultation with the community through a series of workshop forums since Fall 2013. The final plan is anticipated to be released in Spring 2014.

View a copy of the presentation.

February 6, 2014 Community Planning Workshop

This meeting reviewed proposed final concept designs and cost estimates for priority projects developed following input from previous community meetings. View a copy of the presentation.

View the concept designs for Shorefront Parkway:

December 5, 2013 Public Meeting Presentation

On Thursday, December 5, 2013, Parks staff presented a Rockaway conceptual plan for additional community feedback. View a copy of the presentation.

The following opportunity site concept maps were also presented at the public meeting:

Opportunity Site Concept Maps

November 10, 2013 Public Meeting Presentation

On November 10, 2013, Parks staff and consultants held a public meeting  to receive input and provide an opportunity for Rockaway residents to speak directly to those working on the Conceptual Plan.

The below presentation was given as an introduction to the plan, addressing the historical context of the Rockaways, goals of the plan, existing conditions on the peninsula, and a summary of previous community input.  Following the presentation, residents offered ideas for park improvement opportunities.

Some of the below files are very large. To decrease download time, right–click on the file name and choose “Save Link As…”


Do you have questions about the conceptual plan? Want to share your thoughts? Please feel free to email with your questions, comments, and concerns about the plan for the Rockaways.

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